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3D Team offers professional and hyper-realistic rendering solutions for pro-interactive presentations. We craft outstanding 3D architectural design for propelling business presentations.....




We, at 3DTeam.co.nz, offer a wide range of 3D interior design services & visualization services. Our team obtains an in-depth understanding of the client’s needs & wants and holds at its disposal the technical assets to achieve it.....


3d floor


Overall, the kind of building with an interior and external scale can be defined with 3D floor plan with exact structure whether it is an office, house, a gym sport, a hotel, a sales office, a campus, a library room with attached toilets and furniture’s whatever it may be, we can get a complete 3D plan....




Whenever there is a promotion, marketing of product the way we do sale is design brochures and supply them. The brochure is a medium where the product gets most people attention at the time of offer sale or with a discount and a qualified design....




3D Team has great expertise in 3D Industrial Rendering. From your sketches and auto cad drawings we give the 3D digital realistic image of the industrial Product. This high quality images will help you to improve...




3D Teams 3D product modelling services are highly realistic and very affordable. We have helped numerous customers to design creative 3d images. We create new concepts for products, engineering projects...



3D Medical

3D Team, NZ creates 3D photo-realistic medical illustrations of difficult medical concepts such as overall body structure, internal organ functions, neurology parts etc, for the medical field. The 3D Medical images include internal organs, external structures, micro-biological objects, pathology procedures, and more.....



3D Animation

3D Team is passionate about creating high quality 3D graphic animation for TV, Web, Film, Advertising, Medical, Engineering, Science and other areas. We specialise in: 3D Animation, 3D Architectural internal walk though, 3D External walkthrough, 3d product animation, Web animation, Multi screen presentation, Scientific and medical animation....




Illustration defines the fine art design in a digital format representation say for 3D Architectural illustration in building design, 3D Medical Illustration, Fashion Illustration, concept art in the form of drawings, basic cartoon characters, clipart and Information graphics like digital fantasy, vector art, character focus etc....


3D Rendering

Transform any theoretical concept into a practical design with the help of 3D rendering technology by using the best 3D software bringing to life and envision the client’s concept through their eyes as 3D artists and produce the output as a 3D photorealistic image for various purposes. As the company discusses mostly in two ways as the 3D design needs to be fully customized as per the customer needs such as turning the pictured or fantasized part into a digital reality utilizing 3D rendered image and keeping it as a foundation, the same is turned into existence. The 3D rendering doesn’t belong to a single entity, as its involvement would thrive in any field wherever there is a need for customer service with creating artful 3D designs from architecture, mechanical engineering works, medical, and scientific research equipment, product visualization, industrialization automation and what-else one need. Based on the 3D modeling which is three dimensions of an object or living with the rough surface with no much detailing is then given life by 3D rendering process with pixel by pixel digital information including properties like 360-degree camera view, lighting, color, etc. With evolving usage, the architect and interior designer nowadays totally depend upon 3D rendering service for gathering the exterior visual of home and complete internal structure posing jointly the peoples, furnishings, electronic goods, and home appliances, etc. To create an enriched 3D rendered output on the defined timeline without losing quality plus a 3D project under everyone’s budget, and then you are here at 3D Team, New Zealand.

3D Rendering and animations are considered as the best source for marketing and presentation. But to make it possible there is a need for a professional team who can understand the need of customers and come up with best 3D Floor Plan. Image modelling is an important concern when it is about residential and commercial places. 3D Exterior Residential will visualize surrounding of home and will give a realistic view from all angles. 3D Exterior House Commercial will give the design of pools, spas, pavements and many more such thing that can give a real view of a property.

Landscape Design by a professional 3D team can help to visualize project before it is being actually constructed so that investors who are interested in such property can visualize the design. 3D Interior Rendering & Residential enhance the images by showing an effect of lighting and texture which will give a closed view of the property. Many Large-sized Group of Construction are being benefitted by services of such team as sketch up by experts can help in marketing at a bigger pace. Moreover, the affordable cost of design has given an option to every construction company to get a 3D model of property. A 3D team uses different tools like CAD, Autodesk and many more that can give a realistic view of any model. Medical Rendering is also very important as it can give real view of internal body and external body to make study easy.

Industries come up with different instruments, machines which can be very useful and so 3D team offers Industrial Modelling and Rendering images. It will show a real use of machines of an instrument without actually using it. To give life to imagination 3D Walkthrough techniques is been used which uses 3D characters and rendering to give effective output. A professional team can use such technology to give a realistic approach to virtual property or concept with ease. Animation approach is helping for easy marketing and so different techniques are been introduced one of which is 3D Flythrough. It is mainly used for the residential and commercial property as it can highlight interior and exterior space. Flythrough can portrait good amount of information which is very useful for all property dealers.

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